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Always be aware of your horoscope

Thanks to the application you are always aware of what the stars say. Daily Horoscope is a professional astrologer, so you can be sure that the stars are not deceived you.

Use application, achieve success and live more interesting and rich.

With the app you can:

  • Choose your zodiac sign and read daily horoscope

  • Compile your horoscope for the day, week, month, year

  • Recieve a notification about new horoscopes

  • At any time, you are able to see loved ones horoscope

Animated design, User-friendly interface

Especially for applications we have developed a unique design that allows the user to immediately understand what is at stake.

The app will give you access to the daily predictions that relate to work, personal life and finances.

  • Animated stars:
    this design gives additional charm and mystery.

  • User-friendly interface:
    The application menu contains all the necessary parameters, and the navigation application is intuitive to the user.

  • Each sign of the zodiac
    constellation corresponds to own image.

On this project worked

  • Roman Loginov
    android developer
    lead developer
  • Aleks Daiwer
  • Masha
    web-page developer

Wherever you go, and wherever in the world are - you can always see his prediction - and will know exactly what actions you can take today. And what - is not necessary.

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